Branson is a charming city, unique in many aspects, which each contribute to the beauty and friendliness of this town located in the Ozarks of Southwest Missouri. The town is built on a ridge, providing spectacular views of the surrounding mountains.

Tourism is the primary growth industry in Branson. The climate is generally mild with four seasons. While Branson’s population is about 7,500 people, the town hosts about eight million visitors each year.

The city has many services that equal and surpass larger cities including three major healthcare providers and the award-winning Skaggs Regional Medical Center. It also has two airports one being a regional airpoint with flights to several major cities and great access from highway 65.

Branson has numerous attractions plus shopping, more than a dozen golf courses, hiking, biking, fishing, water sports, great dining and son is known for its wholesome, family-friendly atmosphere.

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